Strategy of the company

Strategy Of The Company

The business strategy of Gulf Tubing Company (GTC) is focused on long term diversification. GTC is mainly involved in the development of the metallurgical industry with a focus on the production of steel, seamless steel tubes, precision seamless tubes, and expanding secondary metallurgical productions.

Marketing strategy is focused on our main objectives

Satisfying the traditional customers of seamless steel tubes, to increase the share of more sophisticated tubes – boiler tubes, heat exchanger and structural alloys.

• Acquiring new customers for boiler tubes, opening up new opportunities for cooperation, particularly in the   development of new steel.

• Increasing the share of products with higher added value.

• In Gulf Tubing Company, we perceive the value of the goods with on time delivery, price stability, innovative   flexibility, and technical excellence. Our ambition is to create in the minds of our customers a sense of security.   Our customers are not only buyers of our material; our partners are using the package of services that we create   for them.