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GTC Organization

Gulf Tubing Company (GTC) is specialized in tube manufacturing and will manufacture tubes from grass roots till final product. GTC organization is a coherent organization with defined roles and responsibilities in each are as follows:

Type of activities planned
It was considered that GTC plant is more focused towards a regular production
facility with strict defined timelines and delivery patterns rather than
executing multitudes of “projects” with different targets.
Layers of Management
A large organization working in multiple shifts requires a hierarchical
structure and defined layers of management ranging from production level
supervisors to day to day managers to accountable leadership. A flat structure
in a new production facility is not viable, especially during the initial years
during which knowledge transfer, skill building are key activities
Decision Making Process & Communication
Based on the layers of management, the decision making process is simplified
rather than completely centralized and does not require an extremely top down
approach. Focus was kept in strong and direct communication within each
organizational department and cross leadership communication
Individual Responsibility
Focus was kept on the fact that each area should work as autonomous as
possible within their given scope of work, with strong collaboration in the
shared functions. Example: the Steel making shop is responsible for their
quality and efficiency of work. However the management of the steel making shop
still relies on the financial department to provide them with intelligence,
based on which they can make their own autonomous decisions
Location of functions
Certain functions do not necessarily need to be at the plant site and can be
managed off-site. Administrative tasks that require closeness to official,
regulatory, legal departments, as well as sales and distribution organizations
that require constant communication and interaction with customers