Ras Al Khair GTC

Largest Metal and Metallurgical Product Manufacturing Facility in the Middle East

GTC will producing at the initial full operation

630,000 tons per year of steel in the form of billets which is converted to tubes or solid separately. The main initial metallurgy will be carbon steel, low alloy steel grades and stainlesssteel precision tubes with future expansion of non ferrous and refractory materials manufacturing. The main input materials for new facility will be scraped and DRI with proportional percentage. The location of the new seamless tube manufacturing facility is Ras Al-Khair, Industrial City, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. The Area of new plant is covering 700,000 m² for the production facilities and auxiliary.

• Seamless tube manufacturing facility including hot rolled and cold drawn tubes to   assist manufacturing cluster in Saudi Arabia and enhance Saudi  manufacturers’   competitiveness, the project will focus on:

• Placing the foundation of heavy industry in Saudi Arabia and transferring know-how and technology to
  the country

• Employing locals to learn and operate heavy industry manufacturing facility

KSA Construction and Mining will Lead Demand Till 2020 for On-Going Projects Value.  
on going project

■ Cement