Forged Valves

Forged Steel Valves

The name you trust for Forged Steel Valves GTC’s forged steel valves and piping components have led the way for over the years in state-of-the-art design and dependable performance. It is qualities like these, combined with a customer-driven culture, that maintains Gulf Tubing Company’s leadership position within the industry for exceeding customer expectations. Our goal is to make GTC’s your number one world-wide choice for forged valves.

Forged valves serve several different applications in many industries and are produced in many different sized with
different configurations to meet the intent of their operational purposes. A valve body manufactured by forging
constitutes a major part of a valve and must be manufactured with high quality to insure its reliability and safety in operation.

° Valves are used in each segment of oil & gas industry – upstream, midstream, and downstream.
° Valves for each segment of oil & gas industry    depends upon the level of exposure to extreme    temperature and pressure; and harsh    environment of the end-use application.
° Valves in chemical industry demands high    quality features as the involves continuous    handling of different forms of hazardous gases,    vapors, and liquids.
° Valves are also used to ensure controlled    process flow for various processes.
° Power industry require valves to control the    cooling circuits, prevention from overheating    and protection from cavitation.

° Valves in power industry are mainly used in condensate system, feed water system, and main steam system    among others.
° Mining industry require specialized valves due    to the highly abrasive nature of metal    concentrates.
° Mining industry uses valves for end-use    applications such as mineral laden process,    lime addition, dilution waters, and pneumatic    conveying of dry concentrates among others.