Potential areas of cooperation in education and training

Potential areas of cooperation in education and training

1- Blue-collar basic training:
• Training for specific position/job focused solely on practice.
• Graduates will be trained for simple production operations.

2- Secondary technical education/training:
• Extended training with additional theory.
• Less job specific – oriented on practical as well as general technical knowledge and skills.
• Graduates will be able to cover wider range of processes and production operations.

3- Foremen training:
• Basic team leading and soft-skills
• Graduates will be able to manage small production teams and be mentors of new workers.

4- Low and middle management training:
• Assessment and development centers, individual study plans.
• Team leading and soft-skills
• Deeper technical theoretical and practical education.
• Graduates will be able to work as lower or middle management in production.

5- Management training:
• University degree required; shadowing of VMG senior managers.
• Training in strategy, change management, corporate governance of manufacturing company.

6- Training of trainers/teachers:
• Specialized theoretical training in andragogy, leadership, soft-skills.
• Trainers shall serve as interim lectors for development of workers.